Most legitimate companies' marketing mailshots are appropriate for Mail Wizard. You must comply with our terms and conditions, which do include rules about certain types of emails that are often classed as spam. You must also only be planning to send emails to addresses that have consented to receive the emails you will be sending. If you are unsure if you meet these rules, please feel free to contact us, or simply create a free account. All new accounts are reviewed and if the information you give when signing up indicates you won't be able to operate within our terms and conditions, we will notify you of this.
We don't believe in penalising you with monthly fees, so we only charge you for what you use, unless you go 4 months without sending a mailshot, in which case there is a small charge to cover the costs of maintaining your account and storing your list. See Prices.
We can't guarantee every email will be sent through Amazon, but we usually send most mailshots through Amazon. In fact, this is a service Amazon provides to companies, but getting approved and set up can be a lengthy, difficult process, as Amazon don't provide any list management features, email tracking or composition tools or the other great features offered by Mail Wizard. We provide the ability to send mailshots without any of your own hosting, databases or software.
No. All tracking is done automatically. When we send your mailshots, we automatically make subtle changes to the underlying code to enable tracking. This does not alter the appearance of your mailshots.
We track how many people clicked each link in each mailshot, how many people opened each mailshot, how many emails bounced, how many people unsubscribed and how many people put your email into their spam folder. This information is instantly available for you to see in your account.
We don't change the appearance or add any of our own branding. But to be able to provide you with information about how many people clicked your links, we have to change them, but unlike other services, we can change them to point to one of your own domains but still track how many people clicked them. CSS code in emails has to be inline or your mailshot won't display properly on many people's devices, so when needed, we also make this change for you automatically.
Because we're so confident you'll love Mail Wizard, we don't lock you into any contracts and we don't charge any monthly fees. You only pay for what you use, so in the unlikely event that you want to stop using the service, you can export your list, close your account and you will have nothing else to pay.
Any replies that are sent to your mailshots will go back to the address that you chose to send the mailshot from. That's why it's important to make sure it's a real address that can receive email. If any of your emails bounce, these messages will only come back to us, but we will automatically check them for you. If it's a hard bounce, for example, if the address doesn't exist, then we will unsubscribe that address for you so you don't send any more mailshots there.
Yes, this information is shown in your account for each mailshot you send.
Every mailshot you send out must have an unsubscribe link. When a subscriber clicks the link, they are taken to a page that we host but which is on a domain name you have chosen, with your logo. On that page, they must click a button to confirm that they wish to unsubscribe from your list. We put the unsubscribe links in automatically for you. You just need to place a special token in your mailshot in the place where you want the link to appear.
Most spam complaints come from automatic feedback loops. When someone puts your mailshot in their spam folder, this triggers the feedback loop which informs us. This is counted as a spam complaint. When we receive a spam complaint, we then unsubscribe that address from your mailing list. A few spam complaints are to be expected on all email campaigns, even though all your addresses will have consented. However, if your mailshots generate an unusually large percentage of spam complaints, we may have to take action, which could impact your ability to send emails with Mail Wizard.
Yes. Once you've created your account, you can create list attributes. These are extra pieces of information that you can use to choose which addresses you want to receive a mailshot. They can also be inserted into your mailshots.
When creating your mailshot on Mail Wizard, you will have the option to make either a plain text email, a HTML email or both. We recommend creating both. When you create both a HTML and a text email, we send both versions to each address in a single email. You are only charged one credit for each email you send, even if your emails contain both text and HTML versions of your mailshot. When sending both types, the subscriber's mail client will decide which version to display.
Yes, but we don't advertise prices, since everyone's requirements are quite different, and we have to charge based on the amount of time we think it will take our designers and developers. Prices can start from as low as £30. If you would like a free quotation, please contact us with a description of what you would like.
Yes. These are not required, but we recommend them as they improve delivery rates. To take advantage of these, you need to make some changes to the DNS records of your domain to tell the world that we are authorised to send your emails. If you already have SPF and Sender ID records, then you just need to add include:mwsr.co.uk to these. If you don't then you need to contact your domain administrator to get these set up. To use DKIM, or for help setting up SPF/Sender ID, please contact us.
We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please send us a message.